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Improving Public Health Practice For Better Community Health

Leslie M. Beitsch, MD, JD offers his expertise to help governmental public health and community organizations plan, provide and improve public health services.


PH Strategists can facilitate your health department’s selection and utilization of evidence based approaches to resolve pressing public health concerns.


Adoption and deployment of policy change can dramatically alter the public health ecosystem.  It is policy change that has been the key determinant in the fundamental improvement of public health outcomes during the 20th century.


PH Strategists is a sound ressource to guide your organization in the use of public health law as a tool for policy change or to further public health action.

Workforce and Infrastructure

Human capital is the chief asset of every health department.  Unparalleled challenges face public health departments everywhere.  Skillfully planning and executing workforce investment is critical to organizational success. PH Strategists can provide the tools and coaching to reach your workforce objectives.

PH Strategists is all about assisting your health department in elevating its performance and improving health outcomes in your community.